Monday, October 1, 2007

Position Paper 2

Pixel Surgeons spotlights on manipulations of the body of modern modes of fashion photography and advertising through digitalization in fashion photography. Dawber states that the boundaries are being pushed to breaking-point and what emerges is more reflective of the artist’s soul. He feels fashion photography now is a reflection of the photographer and his/her emotions and creativity. However, Sekula’s article focuses on the criminal body by file and composite photography, a detailed record and database of body images. So, Sekula writes of images before digital photography was created, thinking of how it could be used in a more practical sense for cataloging and quicker reference tool. Dawber discusses the possibilities created by digital photography; through manipulations, the artist has a new medium to express their creativity.

The world of digital photography has allowed the capture of Aiken’s concept of the landscape to be easily accessible. Environments and photographs can be infinitely altered with the programming tools of photo manipulation software. Our interpretation of a landscape can be influenced simply by the way an artist chooses to portray the image, being images and/or text. Aiken see’s landscapes in many different ways and portrays this within his book. A landscape in photography is how the photographer sees it’s; it no longer has to be the reality. It is now open to artistic creativity and perspective.

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