Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Approach

After the class discussion and seeing new ideas I began to rethink my approach for this first project. After seeing the animation from the TV show Mad Men, it made me think of the opening credit scene of Casino Royale and it inspired me.
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(A little shot of the opening credits)
I know the beginning idea was to super impose objects like the Sony video, however after seeing these new works of art, I want to add more to it.
While shooting downtown, I was just messing around and took a shot of my boyfriend with the city behind. Then after I played around with making just him look like those guys and keeping the city realistic. I think I am going to keep my original idea, but add on the element of a characteristic person with in the background.
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Here is the beginning stages and a starting off point for more of what I want to do with these photographs.

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KmRessler said...

you know I watched Casino Royale on saturday and was thinking the same thing