Friday, September 14, 2007

Position Paper

After going back and forth on ideas, I believe I now have a solid direction for my project. In this series of photographs, I will be taking a male model down town in Toledo and having him pose, stand and whatever else throughout the city. Then after I collect my shots, we move into digital manipulation. I will be going into either Photoshop or Illustrator to be changing only his figure into a vector image, while leaving the background of the city realistic. I may even reverse the process to have both sides of the picture looked at in different ways. I will call this series, "His World". It’s not the real world, but how he lives and coincides with his environment. I will possibly turn this series into a coffee table book for that way they will all be together for a better understanding of the whole series. I want to have many images because one thing about digital photography for me is the ability to create multiple images with little to no hassle. There is no concern on wasting film because space is almost infinite. You also don’t have to take the time to print out each individual picture. Don’t get me wrong, the process of traditional photography will never be replaced, it is just more convenient for large mass media. This is one point that Fox Talbot comments on. It’s the fact that you can produce copies of an area or objects quicker than you can with drawing. He took photographs of down town Paris, all in detail and with little time. So with inspiration from James Bond’s Casino Royale and the beauty of the city, I have my direction for this project.

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